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Presenter Kristy Harper's profile Kristy Harper
Have been told I look like the very impossible love child of Florence Welch and Uma Thurman. Spend my nights watching music, playing music or listening to my dad's old, dusty vinyl collection. Spend my days (when I have ...
Favourite festivals:
Snowbombing, Outlook, Wireless
Uploaded videos:
Presenter Pips Taylor's profile Pips Taylor
Pips is a TV Presenter and producer with a passion for music & the arts. So far in 2012, Pips is a new face to BBC3, is the international reporter for MINI and has presented across the world i...
Favourite festivals:
So many to choose from but its got to be Secret Garden Party and Bestival.
Uploaded videos:
Presenter Arielle Free's profile Arielle Free
One day in a year I wont name, my parents decided to venture to Glastonbury Festival. Upon hearing Billy Idol's "dulcet" tones on the mainstage, they went all rebel rebel and got down and dirty in a tent. Nine months lat...
Favourite festivals:
Bestival, Benicassim, Reading Festival
Uploaded videos:
Presenter Carly Wilford's profile Carly Wilford
Carly is at the forefront of everything music related - from new artists to secret collaborations, if you need to know about it Carly has already got it covered! Carly films, edits, produces and presents all her own work...
Uploaded videos:
Presenter Natalia Jorquera's profile Natalia Jorquera
Natalia Jorquera is a presenter for Virtual Festivals.
Favourite festivals:
Wireless Festival, Glastonbury, Bestival
Uploaded videos:



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