Primo Nelson: Village Green Festival 2017

When the main stage gets this funky you just have to get your groove on!

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18 hours ago

Primo Nelson

Ah, funk fix ✌️

Daniel Glass - Drummer, Author, Educator
Funk Week #3: James Gadson with Bill Withers

As we continue to roll through funk week, let’s take a trip into the world of James Gadson, one of the greatest groove masters to ever pick up a stick. In this clip from 1972, Gadson serves up a tasty platter of 16th notes with Bill Withers, his primary employer in the early part of the decade (the tune is “When I’m Kissin’ My Love”).

James Gadson has one of the best grooves I’ve ever experienced, live or on recording. If you’ve ever taken a private lesson with me, you know that I go on ad nauseam about Gadson’s work with John Handy on the tune “Hard Work.” Gadson’s resume is a mile long and spans a decades-long career working with a wide variety of jazz, funk and R&B artists.

Born and bred in Kansas City, James Gadson got his start with West Coast R&B pioneers Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band (check out their version of “Yellow Submarine” - it’s crazy funky).

As the disco era kicked in, Gadson’s super deep pocket made him first call on many of the biggest records of the period, including Cheryl Lynn’s “To Be Real,” Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” and the multi-million selling Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, among many others. When disco initially emerged in the late ’70s, I thought that a lot of it was vacuous and tacky, but my opinion has changed greatly over the years, primarily because the feel of these records is so timelessly cool. Thanks James Gadson - we are grateful for all the amazing music you’ve given us over the years!

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Daniel Glass - Drummer, Author, Educator

2 days ago

Primo Nelson

Not long now, get your tickets quick for some funky lovin! Feat. Usselman, Holly Hannigan and the Tenbomb art crew. With MrFrisbee on the decks x

Masters Of The PrimoverseNov 18, 7:30pmMaritime Room Cliffs PavilionPrimo Nelson's next big event has landed! Super hero themed party like no other. Dress up as your favourite hero, villain or wrestler and come get your groove on!

With super special guests USSELMAN! New band signed to Blowup records hitting the music scene with a wall of electronic sounds and heavy melodies. One of the coolest new bands to come out of Southend.

To increase the vibes we got the awesome Ten Bomb crew setting up their works for a perusal, so lots of eye candy as well as ear 🍭 xx

Fancy dress, circus antics and the usual craziness from the Primo crew. Let's get it on x

Funky DJ tbc
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Masters Of The Primoverse


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