Loyle Carner – Glastonbury Festival 2017

Get used to his face and get used to his voice. Because you are going to be seeing and hearing a lot more from the hugely talented and charismatic Loyle Carner over many years to come. This Croydon boy has been doing the circuit for the last four years or so and he’s now on an escape volocity trajectory and ready to go stratospheric.

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3 weeks ago

Loyle Carner

Haps to announce my good mates Elisa & Srigala will be supporting the UK leg of the tour.

Also got Shogun jumping up in Glasgow 🌎
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Haps to announce my good mates Elisa & Srigala will be supporting the UK leg of the tour. 

Also got Shogun jumping up in Glasgow 🌎


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Yo morning fam. Hope all is bless. U am Cambridge at all. P.s - thank you for blessing us with some real Hip Hop! 1love

Selling 1 ticket london this friday- message me

Caoimhe Dublin tonight 😢☹️

Selling two tickets tonight London - 07708817965

Shogun in ggow!!!!!! Graham Elder

Sam Masker get ur ticket u mug

Kristina Semcenko wish you were here so we could've booked tickets for LDN show 🙁 <3

Sasha Scarlet Scott hahaha yesssss you have to get Shogun to sign your boob

Well in Joe Heron, me and Martyn Beaton will see you there 😊

Anybody selling tickets for Manchester on Thursday

Selling 3 standing tickets for 6th October. Can come meet to give you tickets

anyone got a ticket for portsmouth


What about Brighton


When are you coming to the US? ✌️

Lucy Sparks fucksake

Amanda Daud crii

Quentin Cuendet Sebastian Gisbert-Madziar

Megan Wray

Charlie Matheson

Georgina Wingfield?

Emily Barton

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1 month ago

Loyle Carner

Here's the video for Sun of Jean.

This ones for my mum, my brothers from other mums & their mums. 🌻Directed by Joao Retorta. ‘Sun Of Jean’ taken from my debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’, out now via AMF Records. Get ‘Yesterday’s Gone' and tickets to the upco...
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Sorry to bother you my daughter Maddie Knight is a massive fan, she bought a bestival ticket as she missed seeing you at Bristol please please please would you be able to send her a photo to cheer her up, she was gutted not to have seen you. my mum and I own Ruby's Tea Room in Wool near Lulworth and would love to offer you a complementary meal and warm welcome if you would be so kind to cheer my daughter up. She's had a tough year, her dad remarried and left to live in the USA the same week her aunt died from a brain tumour. She went into a deep depression and played your music every day, I'm grateful to you for writing the songs you do that help youngsters realise others have hard times too- much love Samantha Peters

Saw you at Outlook on the weekend Loyle Carner you absolutely smashed it dude! No bull shit one of the best performances i saw all weekend.

So much respect. I first saw you on a stream of the BBC introdcuing stage at glasto without knowing who you were and you blew me away. You deserve everything Hip-Hop can bring. Stay humble (as if your mother would let you be any other way)

That speech your mum makes at the end brings a lump to my throat every time. It's so, so beautiful, the love just flows out of her 💗

For my sister Claire Hall my Mumma my niece Sophia Hall and my Nephew. All the love xxx

Callie Bruv this video is so beautiful is this what love feels like

Chris Clarkson forget MC grinder, you need this beautiful man in your life.

Big up Jean, she has raised a truly gorgeous talented son x

Amy Holt as if this song didn't make me emotional enough. The video 😭😭

Zoë Stone this is sooo amazing, brought a lil tear to me eye

Beautiful ending!

Reuben Raynes Isaac from slaves x loyle Carner

You're such a genius ! I was brought to tears <3

Patrick Murray even more reason to love this geezer....he's wearing the Gazza shirt !

Daniel, thinking of you cuz!

Fabio Pozzi wholeheartedly wholesome

Talya BT alllllll the feeeeellllsss

Loyle Carner, we first saw you at gorilla playing with Kate last year, we knew we were seeing a future star that night.. .. you are both great artists..xx big love from tommy and kirstie..xx

Best song on the album for me

please shut up about your mum and Tom Misch.

Have the best time tonight, cheer up tom from the post wedding blues. Lush to meet you and your gang again. Keep doing what your doing. Wishing you all the success Xxx

Will Nichols might be the love of my life

Anyone have Dublin show tickets?

Laszlo 10/10 that kit

Rebecca Tan extra emosh cuz we actually saw his mum

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