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The Shambala Shop is OPEN!
If you missed out on bagging a reusable coffee cup, stainless steel water bottle or official Shambala 2017 t-shirt this year, fear not, there’s still time (whilst stocks last). Head to our shop to find out more and make your purchase:

Shambala Festival


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Shambala Festival

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4 days ago

Shambala Festival

Backstage at Shambala: A peek behind the velvet curtains of everyone's favourite festival speakeasy, Swingamajig and the wonderful folk that bring it to life.

Electric Swing Circus
The Swingamajig Speakeasy at Shambala Festival Video Blog...
Alongside our festival in May, We are lucky enough to run our own stage at Shambala. One of the most beautiful festivals ever to take place and the weekend is always one of the highlights of the year. Here is a bit of a sneak peak behind the scenes and some very happy memories from 2017...
Big shout out to all our crew, you guys are next level amazing and everyone who smashed the stage from morning until night!
True Strays C@ in the H@ Mansion of Snakes Phat Sam Punch The Sky Rhino & The Ranters Extra Medium Too Many T's Big Swing Sound Buffo's Wake The Chicken Brothers BYOB. ARJAI Heavy Beat Brass Band Spinforth and of course The Swingamajig House Band!
Big love and see at Swingamajig Festival if not before...

Filmed and edited by Deej from Sentient Visuals
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Electric Swing Circus


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    Matt Brown

    How about a 2018 ticket? 😎

  2. Zoë Naughton you wish has been granted!

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    Dan Hems

    Are those plastic cups ? Why make and sell these items ain’t there enough cups, bottles, T shirts in the world ? Thought you guys were about making less of an impact on this planet.

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    Laura Adams

    Hi Shambala!
    We missed out on our recycling goodie bag as our QR code thing didn’t work ☹️
    Was hoping that maybe you would be selling the Shambala calendar…. (our kitchen is very bear without it) x

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    Lois Brooks

    Looking forward to next year’s ticket announcement!!

  6. When do next year’s tickets go on sale .?


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