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There’s only a few days left to support our Flags In Place of War campaign!
By donating a minimum of £10, you will be sponsoring a string of beautiful flags made from Ugandan cloth, which we will use to adorn The Shambala Stage to create a beautiful symbol of our support for those suffering from the impact of conflict everywhere.

All money raised will go directly to In Place of War to develop community, creative and cultural organisations in places of conflict. In this case, the money will specifically be used to set up music studios in the following locations across Uganda:
– A Congolese refugee camp
– A prison in the war affected region of Uganda (in partnership with indigenous hip-hop artists)
– On a remote island in Lake Victoria ( the base of a community organisation that helps single mothers and vulnerable children).

By donating £25 or more, you will also be entered into a PRIZE DRAW to win 2 TICKETS to this year’s sold out festival.
So far, you’d have about a 1 in 44 chance of winning – not too shabby!

Please give as generously as you can and please share this campaign far and wide.

Flags In Place Of War

Please help us raise money for the incredible organisation, In Place Of War, by sponsoring Ugandan Flags that will adorn the Shambala Stage!

Shambala Festival


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Shambala Festival

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Shambala Festival

Backstage at Shambala: A peek behind the velvet curtains of everyone's favourite festival speakeasy, Swingamajig and the wonderful folk that bring it to life.

Electric Swing Circus
The Swingamajig Speakeasy at Shambala Festival Video Blog...
Alongside our festival in May, We are lucky enough to run our own stage at Shambala. One of the most beautiful festivals ever to take place and the weekend is always one of the highlights of the year. Here is a bit of a sneak peak behind the scenes and some very happy memories from 2017...
Big shout out to all our crew, you guys are next level amazing and everyone who smashed the stage from morning until night!
True Strays C@ in the H@ Mansion of Snakes Phat Sam Punch The Sky Rhino & The Ranters Extra Medium Too Many T's Big Swing Sound Buffo's Wake The Chicken Brothers BYOB. ARJAI Heavy Beat Brass Band Spinforth and of course The Swingamajig House Band!
Big love and see at Swingamajig Festival if not before...

Filmed and edited by Deej from Sentient Visuals
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Electric Swing Circus


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