In a frenzy of strobe lighting the increasingly introspective and enigmatic Radiohead delivered a tour de force in understated pomp and circumstance as they brought Friday night’s Pyramid Stage to a close at Glastonbury 2017.

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Lift - watch at

Taken from OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017
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I like the part when a bunch of Phils enter the lift.

Little known fact: two-thirds of all Radiohead shows are fronted by one of Thom's two stunt doubles.

Each of us is "stuck in a lift". We are always waiting for something, for someone, for anything. Boring days when almost nothing happens and between them family, friends, work, school, hobbies, joy, sadness, few surprises, impatience. And no one knows what is waiting for us in the end, but one must find the final answer about himself or herself. And surprise oneself. Everything comes and goes, but it is YOU who are all the time.

Hey Radiohead. I saw you live for the first time in Oslo this year. Thank you for coming to Norway, that was the best day of my life.

releasing 'Cut A Hole' when?

I met Thom Yorke by accident in an elevator at the Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan in 2000 (*was living in Manhattan at the time) with a copy of Kid A I just bought in my hand. I was visiting my parents who were staying at the Soho Grand Hotel (my father was in town for a business meeting) I had no idea Radiohead was staying there until I ran into Thom Yorke.

You seem to always create music and visuals to blow away the mundane and unoriginal content being seemingly endlessly spewed out. Thank you.

This has always been my fav song!!!!!!! Can't believe they've released an official video, I've almost had a heart attack 😱😱😱😱😱😱

Lily Jacobs Fraser McIlwraith Quality footage of Thom Yorke looking miserable in a lift, highly recommended

So they're doing videos for the new OKNOTOK unreleased songs and yet they didn't play any of those songs live at any of their recent shows. Why is that?

I watched the video yesterday when it was just released and it left me just speechless. Now I'm crying. It's like travelling in time, so moving. Thank you Radiohead, love you always, Thom.

Ed was right kind of, it is a bit of a throwaway and not on a par with the other OK b-sides so you can see why it never made it - but it's not that bad, a lesser band would be proud to have it on an album. Of the 3 previously unreleased tracks this is the weakest by far, the other 2 should have had a life back in 97. It was great listening to bands in the 90s as loads of them had great b-sides but I can't help feeling they shortchanged themselves by not holding on to them and putting out more albums and less singles (or less b-sides at least) like their 60s/70s counterparts.

You guys are BAE. For real. And I don't use that word but it really does apply in your case. THANK YOU!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Mt Russo a parte che ad un certo punto fa un cameo il protagonista del video di Paranoid Android, ti lascio anche con un po'di gossip: le prime 2 tizie che entrano in ascensore sono la sua fidanzata (di Palermo) e la figlia!

I was wondering why they did videos for only the first two but I guess they were saving this one to keep us busy in the downtime.

My favourite Radiohead, thanks for another great song, any plans of playing in the Czech Republic? You´ll enjoy it here, I´m sure and would make so many people happy!

whoah. long delay in making a video for this song. i know this is completely subjective, but as far as what songs one can listen to while withdrawing from heavy drugs, this song is on That short list.

Note to self: if Thom Yorke ever goes missing, first check all unlit country roads (see Karma Police), never ending hallways (see Daydreaming), and elevators in very tall buildings (see Lift).

Nicole Alessandra do you have something to say about Thommy's appearance in this video?... Do you at least like the song?

!!!!! I used to have nightmares about elevators that did unexpected things. They would have been so much better with Radiohead providing the soundtrack...

We can see Thom's girlfriend at the beginning.

Thom Yorke vi schifa tutti vabbe, hai fatto il video di lift ed è carino. però, che infame sei che non hai aiutato il vecchietto a salire? vergogna!

I will always love the athmosphere in Radioheads music. I actually love everything Radiohead does... Seeing them on a gig is on my Bucket list.

Raphael Léger C'a été enregistré en même temps que Ok Computer, mais ils l'ont sortie seulement cet été! Un nouveau trésor!

So many fake plastic trees! Really like the up side down floor with the light on the floor. The girl sleeping "on the wall". Really nicely done!!

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