The most recent district to be announced in Boomtown’s bumper pack of line-ups is the much loved Mayfair. With a backdrop of Vintage Remix, Funk & Soul and Electro Swing, this highly theatrical district brings characters, costumes and ultimate fun to the forefront; whilst at the same time putting consumerism and capitalism under the microscope through the multitude of interactive street venues, walkabout characters and immersive theatre.

Acts representing the Mayfair music genres on  the  Town Centre include; independant French producer Wax Tailor, festival favourites 10-piece live outfit Smerins Anti-Social Club, Sam & The Womp’s trumpet and vocal Balkan electronica  and Bordeaux beatmakers Smokey Joe & The Kid with their infectious hip hop loops.

Mixing 1940s jazz with hip hop, drum & bass, house and techno, The Ballroom presents a glittering extravaganza courtesy of Charleston-inspired electro from Alice Francis, bringing Romania to Hampshire. Future Funk duo LMZG (Lamuzgueule) will take the crowd through a history of vintage sounds and Paris/New York duo GinkGoa provide a modern slant on Electroswing. Bristol boys The Allergies deliver ‘vintage sounds reshaped for the dancefloor’ whilst Smoove and Turrell’s Northern Funk encompasses soul, hip hop and jazz.

Twisted cabaret and swinging steampunk awaits any that stroll past The Bandstand, where the most colourful acts go to shine.

Find there the fantastically barmy Hallouminati mixing ragga punk with traditional Greek sounds, Gypsy Unit bulking up basslines with infectious string sections and skapunk Londoners Imperial Leisure exciting the feet.

Long-standing street venue, Park Hotel is the ultimate playground with an almighty Soca takeover on the cards, courtesy of Jus Now, Dub Boy, Atki2 and AAA Badboy. Crowd participation at its finest, Laid Blak will be getting the crowd to go down low whilst Eva Lazarus and The Afronaughts bring 3 part harmonies to jungle, garage, hip hop and everything in between. The Mayfair Street Party will be taking swing to the streets with Scottish collective, Electrikal Sound System supplying their mega rig fresh from Thursday’s Sector 6 opening. Expect sets from Dutty Moonshine, Big Swing Sound ft Hypeman Sage and C@ In The H@ to name a few.

Down the shimmering side streets and The Bank’s doors are open for all to discover where money goes to lie before gazing down from the Sky Bar with a glass of champagne.

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1 day ago

Boomtown Fair

Who noticed Bang-Hai Industries' plans for mass re-development in Oldtown this year? Seems like some of the citizens weren't too happy about it...!

Did you speak to any BHI construction workers about their plans? Did you visit The Inconvenience Superstore - now under ownership of Bang-Hai Corporation...? Or were you a part of the #SaveOldTown protest?

📷 by Jody Hartley Photography

#BoomtownCH9 #BehindTheMask
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Who noticed Bang-Hai Industries plans for mass re-development in Oldtown this year? Seems like some of the citizens werent too happy about it...! 

Did you speak to any BHI construction workers about their plans? Did you visit The Inconvenience Superstore - now under ownership of Bang-Hai Corporation...? Or were you a part of the #SaveOldTown protest?

📷  by Jody Hartley Photography

#BoomtownCH9 #BehindTheMask


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We would surely rather die than sell our souls to bhi! 👊

Kyle Gardner Tommy Lee Ryan Astwood Jade Curran Katy Curran renovations for dayz

David Kelk

Sam Garwood

Tell them to get their grubby little mits away from old town!!

Kyle Dalby 😐 bye bye 👋 old town

Depends if they build a new jolly dodger.

You lot wait, soon Oldtown will be tidied up and them filthy rotten scoundrels and pirates will be a thing of the past! Viva Bang-hai Industries!

Is it just me or was everyone in that shop an actual cunt?

I saw those bang-hai bastards alright!

I think change is good We stand with Bhi EVOLUTION NOT REVOLUTION (stolen from partridge) x

We protested against the gentrification of Oldtown. 😠

Doris Doolally, myself and the rest of the Olbitches held a protest at Doris Dodo's Olbitchuary Office on Saturday. KEEP OLDTOWN OLD! 👍

Adam Paterson this is what I was in about!

I told that head honcho bloke he reminded me of mike Ashley told him no to zero hour contracts NO

No but is it true lionsden is moving???

Bang hai can stay out of old town. It's perfect just the way it is!

Rage Against the BHI Machine.

I have it on good authority that the are planning to develop Lost Vegas. Out with the old in with the new

Emma Rochford seriously considering a near sober boomtown next year to enjoy all the quests n shit

Kieran MacKay called it

Yeah, I asked a hard-hat what music would they would play in Old Town if under Bang Hai order and he said 'Any music you like..' I wasn't convinced. He did however help me find a helpful lady in a top hat 😉🎩✊️💸


Adam Denison Emily Dyas you're famous!

Liam Brocklehurst, Sebastian Jerom Moederle-Lumb, Rob Smith, James Loggie, Josh Timmons, Elliot Hutchinson, Archie Pheby McGarvey, Grace Smith, Sophie Fearby, Harry Hutchinson

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6 days ago

Boomtown Fair

Re-experience Boomtown Chapter 9: 'Behind the Mask' with the official 2017 after-film...


During the 2nd week in August 60,000 people ​travelled from across the globe to the stunning National Park in Hampshire, UK ​to become a character in Boomtown's ever evolving story...

The result.... we made the biggest theatrical music experience on earth! xx


Track list:
Jus Now - Dun D Place
Ferocious Dog - Gallows Justice
Skindred - Kill the Power
Juanafe - La Makinita
Volatile Cycle, Barbarix & Block Dodger - Behind The Mask (Free download:

Filmed, directed & edited by Clockwise Media Ltd. / Skewiff
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Zoe Apricot

Joe Quinn Kooky Corz

Unforgettable memories <3

Hannah WilderSam WrightNathan CoxKris GregoryOwen Gardner

Ashley Lewis Owen Powell Jamie Durban

Tom Mills Stephen Leedell Martin Zipfell

Jamie Avi Tom Thomas Saskia Louie Joel Marie Joe Fay Oscar

Nicola Hall Liv Grange Gracjan Slowinski

Liz Taylor Martin Coco Courtney Laura Howard Toby Prior

Dominique Clark

Ben Keedwell Bayley Howard Toby Park Danny Crook Lewis White

Rosie William Mubiyna Juanita Sydney Aaron Damian Jamez Mollie

Ben Higgs Sean Watters Jordan West Jon-Joe Mcgrath

Brucee Crutch Utah Amy Grocock

Jess Joury George Ralph Dunn

Samantha Carlisle Sophie Pfeiffer Toby Carlisle Will Scott



Robbie Reynolds James Sanderson

Shannon Lethaby

Todd Spiers

Harley Light Bootstrap Bill El Mole

Nick Clarke Gabriel Floyd

Harry Hibbert Henry Rawlinson

Gabbie Smith

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