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Too beautiful for words…

Thanks to the Evening Standard today for featuring CORVID in the Saatchi Gallery Exhibition, Iconoclasts – Art out of the mainstream which open yesterday and continues until the 7th of January 2018

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    Cheryl Bell

    That’s a lot of dead crows.

  2. So you think the killing of 20,000 birds for the sake of art beautiful? I can’t begin to fathom the unnecessay cruelty of this.

  3. Luckily, since no birds will have been harmed in the making of this sculpture, you don’t have to. Crows moult every summer.

  4. Kate is donated feathers from all over the world. All shed naturally.

  5. Thats a relief although you still have to question how the crows have been kept in order to gather up the feathers.

  6. Interesting discussion. My art is all about corvids and raptors, but the persecution aspect. I have asked the crow hive, i.e. crow owners, what they think about this. I know that Kate is extremely ethical in her sourcing, but the provenance of dead crows used for taxidermy can be problematic, feathers or otherwise. I look forward to all my concerns being proved wrong. Thanks Polly, I will report back!

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    Vicky Nagy

    I am not so much concerned with the source of the feathers as the reason. Why? Am I missing something?

  8. I’m afraid I am failing to see the beauty in this. I’d love to hear why you think it is beautiful. Can you?


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