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Morning Bloodstockers! Lets wake up with the mighty AMON AMARTH from this years headline show at #BOA17!

VIP tickets went on sale yeaterday and early bird DISCOUNT rate tickets are still available for a limited time at

AMON AMARTH – Guardians of Asgaard – Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival 2017 Title Track : Guardians of Asgaard

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2 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

Only a few days until the final Bloodstock 2018 headliner is announced! What's your predictions Bloodstockers?

Make sure you tune in for a special Facebook live on Metal Hammer's Facebook this Saturday at 6pm
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Only a few days until the final Bloodstock 2018 headliner is announced! Whats your predictions Bloodstockers?

Make sure you tune in for a special Facebook live on Metal Hammers Facebook this Saturday at 6pm


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Sparsho who?

I've heard rumours of priest! I hope it's true! 🀘🏻

Chimera Lamb Of God Devil Driver Alestorm Wardruna didn't care who the headliner is as long as some of these bands are playing.

Obituary πŸ€˜πŸ™

Suicide Silence, Sabaton or Lamb Of God would be my bets.

Judas Priest. Finally

Korn or Judas Priest... or maybe Machine Head

Manowar or Priest please! Don't care how unlikely it is. Just sort it!

Machine head 🀘😎🀘

Lamb of God

I'll get back to you tomorrow when Wacken announce 5 more bands haha! But seriously, I'm thinking Judas Priest

Priest with a bit of luck! If not I trust the organisers to nail it like most years. I wanted Gojira and it was delivered. As long as the rest of the lineup is strong with a bit of variety.

I would love it to be Lamb Of God

Judas Priest please please pretty please.

If an announcement for Judas Priest comes, so will I

It so needs to be Priest!

lamb of god. you've posted two videos of their 2013 set so I'm hoping theyre hints at their attendance

Spoiler alert Its Devin Townsend

Beiber!!.. It's Justin isn't it? πŸ™‚

If it ain't Lamb Of God or Judas Priest I'll be disappointed. Book Terror while you're at it x

Lamb of god or machine head

Please let it be the Priest

Rammstein!!! But in reality im sure it will still be someone kick ass! 🀘🀘🀘


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3 hours ago

Bloodstock Festival

#TBT Lamb of God WALK WITH ME IN HELL! From back in 2013 - who was there to see this live?!

We have limited time early bird tickets available, make sure you get yours for 2018! of God - Headline Bloodstock Open Air Metal Festival August 2013 Title Track - Walk with me in Hell
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Hopefully seeing it live at Bloodstock 2018 πŸ˜‰

Second post wih them.. They’ll headline for sure 😌

Adam, Vicky.....this is the second post of LOG you've posted now. This has got to be a hint at whats to come on Saturday

2nd time they posted lamb of god this week, wonder who the headliner is Tom Hitchcock. This song is a fucking banger

That's another LOG post... dropping some strong hints?

This better be a sign and not a red herring.

Michael Allan if LoG headline then you need a new best man βœ‹πŸ»

Red herring.... Surely πŸ€”

hoping they're playing again next year!!! 😍🀘

I was there along with the many others who were pickpocketed during Redneck. What a bunch of anusfaces

I've had a gut feeling LOG for a while. Would be awesome!

Was awesome.. and you announced Emperor!!

Is this a hint, y'know, since headliner number three's announcement is imminent πŸ˜‰

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