The 1975's Matt Healy takes on heckler at Glastonbury 2014

The 1975 and Metronomy play eventful Glasto secret sets

Photographer: Mark HollowayChris Eustace on 27 June 2020

Rumours had been swirling around onsite and online that the two acts would be playing secret evening sets in the intimate William’s Green tent, and any doubters were finally convinced when The 1975’s distinctive neon box logo was spotted behind a curtain during the preceding DJ set.

The 1975 arrived in a hail of strobe lights, and began in confident mood, frontman Healy screaming “GLASTONBURY!” and careering around the stage to a strident 'The City', before exclaiming “we’re honoured to be your first band” as a bass-heavy 'Talk!' and a dancey 'Settle Down' began things in impressive fashion.

Saxophonist John Waugh joined the band to provide screaming solos for the 80’s-tinged “Heart Out” and “Pressure”, and it was at this point that a few objects clearly began being thrown in the frontman’s direction.

The singer gamely carried on through an emotional 'You' and 'Robbers' before finally cracking and addressing the heckler directly, shouting: “Throw one more fucking thing mate, and I don’t care if  it’s Glastonbury, I’ll come down there and kick your fucking head in!”

Attempting to up the mood again, Healy laughingly introduced “Girls” as being “for the lads”, but being hit by a can was the final straw, and, throwing his guitar to the ground, the singer attempted to make good on his earlier threat and jumped into the crowd, followed by a couple of other members. It’s unclear if he actually made it to the heckler, but a man could be seen being ejected by security as the band regrouped onstage.

Healy apologised to the “peace-loving members of Glastonbury”, before pointing at the departing can-thrower, reiterating “throw shit at me and I’ll fuck you up! Fuck him and his mates! It’s not in the spirit is it?”

The band finished on signature songs 'Chocolate' and 'Sex', with Healy quipping beforehand: “we’ll have to be quick, there’s another special guest…it’s not Dolly, I’m just as disappointed as you are.”

Instead, Metronomy were swiftly onstage, greeted by a seemingly even denser crowd as they launched into 'Holiday', followed by 'Radio Ladio' and the title track from their current album 'Love Letters'.

Seemingly referencing Matt Healy’s quip from earlier, singer Joe Mount introduced 'The Look' by saying “we’re not Dolly Parton, but this song is about her.” As the crowd sang along, Mount went off the mic during the chorus, laughing as the crowd stopped too. “I thought you’d carry on! Balls!” He later apologised, saying “I’d never done that before [stopping singing to let the crowd sing]! I can’t believe I said ‘Balls’ either!”

It didn’t stop the communal singalong, with even the synth line from 'Heartbreaker' getting the Glastonbury choir treatment,  while Mount found time to gently mock the BBC’s “Hello Glastonbury” advert – “we were going to say ‘Hello Festival!’ instead!” - before dedicating 'The Upsetter' to “everyone who’s been here a few days and hasn’t paced themselves.” A mass pogo to 'The Bay' closed a superb set, showing off how the band have become such a festival fixture.

Metronomy play again tonight (Friday 27 June), headlining The Park stage, while The 1975 play the Pyramid Stage, where they genuinely will be followed by Dolly Parton, on Sunday afternoon.

Glastonbury 2014 takes place on Worthy Farm, Somerset from 25-29 June.

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