Weather Watch: Download and Isle of Wight Festival 2014

Weather forecasts for Isle of Wight, Bushstock and Download Festival

Weather Watch: Download and Isle of Wight Festival 2014

Photographer: Mark HollowayAli Ryland on 10 June 2020

Download Festival 2014

Download 2014 takes place this weekend (June 13-15) at Donington Park, Derby, but early bird ticket holders could find themselves on site as early as Wednesday. While the ground may still be a bit wet, a mixture of cloud and sun suggests Download's previous torrential rain won't plague the early pitchers. Thursday promises glaring sun all day, with highs of 21°C; perfect for exploring the site with a cold refreshment. Friday should be just sunny as highs of 22°C allow for a little sunbathing; even if it may cloud over a little as Black Label Society take the stage.

Saturday should see highs of 20°C, but it can't match the previous days as the sun competes with cloud cover, with the chance that it will memorably rain over Fall Out Boy's parade at 7pm. Luckily the rain seems to be fleeting as the night promises to be dry, with Sunday being another mixed bag of cloud and sunny spells. Moreover, the nights are relatively warm at 13-14°C, so enjoy what is sure to be a lovely weekend by not having to bring two sleeping bags each.

Isle Of Wight Festival 2014

Isle of Wight Festival returns to its traditional Seaclose Park site in central Newport, with just as much lovely weather as its northern hard-rock counterpart. Thursday should see sun and highs of 21°C, so sit back and unwind in the company of Boy George, who tops the Big Top that evening. A very sunny start on Friday means campers will have to get out of their tents before 9am, or be cooked alive by temperatures that will reach 22°C. The rest of Friday sees scorching sun and a balmy night; perfect for jamming to Rudimental, and for getting some sleep later on.

Saturday cools down a bit as some cloud cover means headliner the Red Hot Chili Peppers won't be playing to such a red hot audience; still, it will be plenty warm, with sunny intervals. Sunday's weather mirrors Saturday save for the fact that temperatures could rise to as high as 24°C; this morning might be a good time for that shower!

Met Office Chief Forecaster, Paul Gundersen said: "We’re heading into a period of sunny and warm weather just in time for the Isle of Wight Festival. We expect it to be warm and dry with long sunny spells, which is great news for festival-goers, who should prepare for the nicer weather by packing sun cream and ensuring they keep hydrated throughout."

Bushstock Festival 2014

Bushstock 2014 takes place on Saturday 14 June in Shepherd's Bush, the mecca of West London. Patrons exploring the multi-venue festival on Saturday should expect highs of 22°C, with cloud cover sheltering the sun throughout the day - although sunny intervals are expected in the morning and late afternoon.

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