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14 May 2020

Many festivals have been leaders in the green movement and had been promoting green lifestyles for a long time before it became trendy (or perhaps necessary) to do so. But necessary it is now.

Michael Eavis, organiser of the Glastonbury Festival and winner of the Outstanding Contribution Award at the 2009 UK Festival Awards told us: "Climate change is something everyone is aware of now and we all need to care for the environment. The Glastonbury Festival is committed to enhancing the environment through our operations wherever possible, and minimising any negative impact on Worthy Farm and reducing our wider environmental impact. We are a midsummer celebration of life and joy, but we must not lose sight of our undertakings to achieve the best possible balance of nature and resources."

So, have a look around these pages and links and see what Festival Organisers are doing - and see what you can do too. There are lots of good ideas and suggestions on reducing your own environmental impact and your carbon footprint - as well as ways to help festival organisers reduce the overall impact of festivals too.

Just giving someone a lift to a festival might save a car journey, recycling will save landfill, reducing waste helps everyone, turning off a tap saves water - everything little bit helps! If you want to help build a symbol of all of our commitment to the environment you can make a donation to help plant our new wood - Festival Wood - see the link on this page for more details. And if you are going to a festival look out for the Greener Festival Award - which shows that a festival is taking the environment seriously and doing something about protecting the planet - and there are lots of details of some of our Award winning festival's green efforts so have a look:

Donate to the Festival Wood
Help A Greener Festival plant a five-acre wood

A Greener Festival Blog
News from the front line by A Greener Festival co-founder Ben Challis  

How to be A Greener Festival-Goer
And make a real difference in the field

A Brief Guide to Renewable Energy 
The viable alternatives explained

The Greener Festival Award
Assessing festivals on their commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Top 20 Simple Energy Saving Tips
Get started right away!

The green initiatives currently in place at the following festivals:

T In The Park

Glastonbury Festival
Big Session Festival and Summer Sundae Weekender

Other Relevant Websites:

A Greener Festival.com
Julies Bicycle
Live Earth

A Greener Festival.com


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