Hurts at Sonic Visions 2013 review


Hurts at Sonic Visions 2013 review

Photographer: Mark HollowayChris Swindells on 23 November 2020

Hurts play to 3,000 capped venues in the UK. In Luxembourg tonight it's double that and, although not full by any stretch, their move to gear shift the whole show upwards is remarkably seamless.

For a duo to fill the vast arena space of Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette it takes a carefully thought through, high-intensity light show, and there's few energy saving bulbs having to warm up for their opener 'Mercy'. A real mood setter, a hooded Theo Hutchcraft playing the enigmatic lead man in Hurts' musical theatre.

From the shadows of the sidelines, three other Hurts team members are vaguely visible as the show remains firmly about the duo, who met outside a club in Manchester back in 2009. Tonight their slick Depeche Mode drenched electro-pop has won over much of the 6,000 strong festival crowd.

Breakthrough hit 'Wonderful Life', for example, entrapts the Luxembourgers with its pulsating rhythm and grandiose sophistication, instantly catchy and equally beautiful. It reverberates around the caveniuus, metallic grey rafters of Rockhal, spreading a hopeful message that clearly connects.

The final night of a 21 date European tour for 'Exile' and Hurts rarely looked moved by the experience and, for all their grand on-stage gestures, the duo remain enigmatic. The album has clearly reinforced the strength of this love affair for the many local here and both 'Sandman' and 'Somebody to Die For' have most people jubilant with their arms waving.

Hardly breaking from the set to speak; when they do it's a brief but friendly exchange of pleasantries. The next move for Hurts will surely be one of the most important ones in their short but extraordinary career. Europe will have more eyes on it than anyone else and let's hope it spells many more years for the mesmerimg duo to hog the spotlight.


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