Going for bold

By chris_swindells on 02 August 2020

It seems like an Olympiad since I last wrote, in reality it's a period of weeks that's taken us through the best of British, devastating rainfall to scorching summer days. It's been filled with festival highs, lows and comical back stage spats. But this summer is more a marathon than a short sprint so expect more fireworks before the finish line.

We've already been celebrating the best of British, and Duran Duran, with the Olympic Opening Ceremony concert. Then Arctic Monkeys gave us this performance, surely now a shoe-in for Glastonbury 2013?


These XXX Olympics (30th Olympics to you and me) are bringing out the best of our culture. From overpriced Pork Scratchings (£2.50 in the Olympic Park) to the usual news cycle of misery, moaning, bike helmets, no bike helmets, best seats and empty seats, then this gem.

Of course for those trying to escape the madness we've dipped our toes into the warm seas of EXIT Festival in Serbia, and Mallorca Rocks in er, Mallorca.

There's less than a week and a half left of Olympic Games, so enjoy them, before the real festival thunder can carry on. Through V Festival, Creamfields, Reading, Leeds, End Of The Road, Bestival and so many more - we'll see you at the finishing line!


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