To whom it may concern

By virtualfestivals on 10 May 2020

Dear Angry Press Mob,

It's come to my attention that you, the English gutter press, have single-handledly derided and besmirched the good names of music festivals. The Commons culture, media and sport select committee should be doing justice on behalf of the festival fan, condemned as figures of the past. So Murdorch, if there are phones to hack then try the office phones for Beautiful Days, Secret Garden Party and Bearded Theory - all sell out events for 2012. Beach Break Live aren't far from that point and with new events popping up all the time we look like we're seeing a scene in ruder health than some would want you believe. Festival explorer Alex Fahey last week introduced us to two new boutique festivals for 2012, and this week is getting on his dancing shoes to do the tango to new festivals in town.

So long as the sun rises and sets, the tides rise and fall and the moon glows big and brighter than usual, the festival scene will always evolve, rejuvenate and reinvent. So while we mourn for our loses, in 2012 we cherish those holding on and, like the great Truck Festival, rising from the ashes.

Sincerely yours,

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells


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