Blog: Malted milks on the mountain tops

By RebeccaLaurence on 12 April 2020

As the newest member of the Virtual Festivals team, (I’ve just joined as Live Editor), my first week was spent orienteering my way around the hectic environs of Tottenham Court Road while learning the all-important tea and biscuit habits of my new colleagues (Malted Milks - they’re a classy bunch).

And if that sounds too much like pushing the boundaries of excitement, then wait, it gets better. Our intrepid Editor, Chris Swindells, has been braving the slopes of Mayrhofen, Austria to bring us the gossip from Snowbombing 2012.

On his first day, our intrepid reporter navigated the saunas and all-night parties (it’s a tough job etc.) to bring us the Snowbombing day one review. Having not yet collapsed through the enforced ingestion of hot coagulated meat and cheese, he brought us all the musical action from Snowbombing day two, including The Vaccines, DJ Yoda, Jungle Brothers and Toddla T, plus a special guest appearance from a pink-lycra clad Mr. Motivator (we’re not sure either).

Adding to the energetic vibe, Olympics fever 2012* continued abound, as first Beach Break Live, then Camp Bestival announced sporting-themed fun for their 2012 line-ups. As someone whose idea of exercise is walking to the cupboard to get the packet of Malted Milks, this all sounds a bit exhausting.

And if, like me, all that biscuit-buying has left you a touch out of pocket, you’ll be wanting to get your hands on the VF Guide to Festivaling on a budget. It’s a vital list of handy hints much needed in this era of escalating festival prices...

And finally, if you’re not festivaling for any reason this year, you might be hanging out for news of Glastonbury 2013 – seriously, it’s only 439 days away. Well, Michael Eavis seems to think so, as everyone’s favourite farmer-come-one-man-rumour mill divulged two of next year’s Glastonbury headliners. Probably.

*Wait, there’s an Olympics on? I hadn’t noticed.


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