It's the ecology, stupid

By chris_swindells on 30 March 2021

It is with a heavy heart I write this editorial piece. After just two days up a mountain, walking off-piste to the chuckle of the comedy troupe at Altitude Festival the news of a festival cancellation swept me off my feet. I wasn't really ready for this black slope.

Sonisphere was one of the best developing and - in spite of what some critics might want you to believe - forward thinking rock festivals on the calendar. Sonisphere has been forced into temporary quarantine, and the story is the same across the board, for Festival Republic's Big Chill and MCD's Oxygen Festival. Whichever genre and ethos your festival subscribes to the climate is treacherous, and for the biggest festivals the risk of falling are always high.

Let's not forget though the success, year after year, festivals have had. Sonisphere was only conceived three years ago and grew into a well attended three day event last year. The cancellation in 2012 will no doubt benefit its' rivals, even if publicly they're mourning the loss with great respect, and for now we all sit tight to hear the future for Sonisphere 2013 - there's still life in this beast yet.

Keep checking back over the weekend for more from from Altitude Comedy Festival 2012.

Until next time go have fun in the sun,

Chris & the VF team.


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