Blog: Brits, tits and merits

By chris_swindells on 23 February 2021

You probably hated the Brits. In fact you probably still wake, sweaty-browed, from nausea-inducing nightmares that fright the frail bones from your fragile body and leave you, an empty, unfurling cage of unfathomable pain. Yep you read that right. It was a train wreck. Poorly produced live performances, over-produced Mastercard adverts, and Sid Owen. Still, we had to talk about it so read the VF verdict here.

Blur closed the show and we found out this week the Britpoppers will close the Olympic show with a Hyde Park concert that will surely go down in the pages of our live music history. It could be history making in more than the one sense too as it could mark the end of a golden era for London's Hyde Park, with the Westminster Council ruling that will reduce crowd sizes and event numbers in the royal park from the end of 2012.

No such worries or noise complaints for our other beloved royal body. Queen hardly left many jaws-a-gasping with the announcement of their live return and Sonisphere headline slot on Monday. Pop idol 'sensation' Adam Lambert's involvement certainly divided music fans, and at least two VF writers, so we put their sharp tongues and vitriol up against each other.

We have plenty of treats, surprises and announcements in store for next week. Look forward to more from V Festival, Camden Crawl and Reading & Leeds shortly. Until then listen to Bowie.

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues


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