New bands blog - No 4

By on 22 March 2021

In The Woods
Bob Tollast from In The Woods 2012 festival urges you to try Stealing Sheep.

Britain’s roughly 33 million sheep need not fear these professed rustlers of quadrupedal ruminant mammals, because it seems they really only want to make hypnotic, slightly electronic,hazy folk music. London is saturated with talented folk singers, so it takes more than some good guitar skills and a voice that reminds people of big woolly jumpers and Edward Woodward being burnt alive at the end of The Wicker Man to impress. But impress is exactly what Stealing Sheep do.

We first saw them live when we were on the same bill as Edwyn Collins, and seeing him sing 'Blue Boy' despite being partially paralysed by a stroke was enough to make it one of the most inspiring nights I can remember. Stealing Sheep were the new talent on the bill that night, and over a year later their live show has progressed into one of the best I have seen in London lately - they manage to fuse pitch shifted vocals, three part harmonies and psychedelic guitar lines into something that seems at once classic and modern, pushed along by the gentle tribal rhythm of floor toms. The fact that none other than Macca himself is a fan is testament to how good they are, even though he hasn’t made any music this interesting since 1980’s 'Mccartney II'.

Heavenly records seem like the right home for this band and we expect they will go on to great things this year. Their brand of psychedelic folk is really perfect for In the Woods, although we might have to reassure the farmer... oh sod it, it’s not even worth finishing this sentence because this time next year they are going to be bored to death with plays on their name. Just listen to their music because it’s great, right here on this page.

In The Woods 2012 will take place at a secret location on 1 September.

No acts have been confirmed for the In The Woods line-up but the first acts are expected in the coming months.

In The Woods tickets are not on sale yet, but keep your browser pointing at Virtual Festivals for updates about the festival.


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