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Virtual Festivals seeks to capture the true spirit of festivals and this lies in the sum of everyone's experiences. For this reason, YOU are much more useful to us than a professional film crew on the main stage or the most respected music journalist in the country.

Real, objective coverage of a festival which projects the raw magic of being there can only be produced by those immersed in the experience, not those observing it and definitely not those being paid to do so. That leaves YOU, then, as the most qualified candidate. Congratulations, you've got the job.

Use Virtual Festivals to record and share your festival experiences, creating the best coverage in the process. You can upload as many photos, videos and blogs as you like, to share them with your friends, document your past and present fest-life or just show off. You'll need to Sign Up as a member (it's free), then you're good to go.

Official Festival Accreditation

For the most talented writers, photographers or video-bloggers at semi-pro or professional level (in posession of their own equipment), we are able to provide a limited number of accreditation passes to festivals (which usually come with a free VIP ticket).

Whether you want to indulge your hobby, make a name for yourself or further an established career, Virtual Festivals is the perfect vehicle to showcase your talent to a worldwide audience of millions (used widely by the media industry).

To become an accredited member of Virtual Festivals' official event coverage team, you need to show us how good you are by:

1) Uploading some of your best material (photos, videos or text) to the Virtual Festivals website.

2) Emailing us at [email protected] to direct us to your material. Include your key details (name, location, preferred festivals, availability).

We'll then get back in touch when the next available opportunity arises.

For Jobs in our London office, click here.


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