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VF is the most powerful ally you could ever have

By connecting you directly to the festival audience at large, Virtual Festivals is probably the most powerful ally you could ever have, as a festival organiser.

Working with us is a win-win proposition for you; it costs you nothing, yet the potential benefits are enormous. Virtual Festivals will increase your festival's profile and will help you sell more tickets.

A unique feature of VF is that, in order to provide a completely impartial service, we don't partner with or sponsor any events. Our focus is on supporting ALL events equally through our work, regardless of their size or stature.

What You Get from us (for FREE):

  1. A comprehensive, interactive microsite which allows audiences to discover, buy tickets to and immerse themselves in your event all year round.
  2. New customers - by encouraging cross-pollination of audiences across geographical regions and different types of events.
  3. The most powerful market research platform available. By collecting instant and comprehensive feedback from the audience (as they use the website), Virtual Festivals is helping the industry to evolve more efficiently in line with consumer preferences and market trends.
  4. Enhanced communication and co-operation within the festival industry itself, by connecting and consolidating the many fragmented elements that comprise the marketplace.
  5. In doing so, VF is also helping the sector as a whole to become a more visible force within Arts, Entertainment & Leisure overall.

To Get Your Festival Listed on Virtual Festivals:
Just send your information to our Listings Editor: [email protected]

Virtual Festivals needs Your Loving Too:
Please support what we are doing by placing a link to Virtual Festivals on your official website. Let's all grow together.

"Festival Edge"
(our premium online marketing service for festivals)

If you want an additional boost of prominence, Virtual Festivals now exclusively offers the fastest and most cost effective online marketing facility in existence for festivals, to match any marketing budget. Contact Zoey Benjamin ([email protected]) for more details.  

To Submit your Festival to the UK Festival Awards:
All events listed on Virtual Festivals are automatically entered into the UK Festival Awards, although you can sign up for specific themed categories manually, via an application form that will be available later on in the year. To make sure you receive this, please ensure that we have your contact details (see "Get Your Festival Listed" above).


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