Orange Warsaw Festival 2014 review

'The curse of Friday the 13th came true'

Orange Warsaw Festival 2014 review

Photographer: Shirlaine ForrestVirtual Festivals on 18 June 2020

Orange Warsaw Festival - Poland's biggest city festival is located at the national stadium, the fields around glittered with the promise of a fine line up for the beginning of the season. Whether superstitious or not, the Friday the 13th start did mean there was also tricky springtime weather to contend with. Unfortunately, the curse of Friday the 13th came true when the screen next to the outdoor Warsaw stage collapsed just before the gates were about to open, causing a cancellation of the first three acts on day one.

The ill-fated start marked all acts on the Warsaw stage with the glimpse of failure. Expectant revellers had to practice their patience as not only did festival staff lack proper training and information, but the festival booklets showed a different schedule to the actual one running on Friday.

On the bright side, the food court wasn't subject to such scheduling disasters. The really wide variety of reasonably priced food trucks left meat lovers and vegans satisfied. The accompanying commercial activities by sponsors gave festival goers extra attractions, keeping them busy while waiting for their favourite acts.

Artists performing on the indoor Orange stage were more lucky, but the closed roof of the outdoor stadium caused an echo at times that was almost unbearable at the back. Highlights of the first night were definitely the Pixies (8); happy to visit Poland for the first time ever, the band were feeding those hungry for their sound with an immense satisfaction. Meanwhile, poor Lilly Allen (8) was stuck outside, performing as the first act after the cancellations. Allen struggled to hear her band, while her fans could barely see her as the light onto the stage failed to work the entire first night. Nevertheless Lilly, surrounded with set up of baby bottles, was doing her best. Her girly charm entirely made up for the technical failings, as well as the rainy spells. Snoop Dogg (6), surprisingly without delay, followed on the faulty stage. Mixing hip hop, reggae and even “I love Rock 'n' Roll”, his stage-show unfortunately lacked a certain fire. On the contrary, Queens Of The Stone Age (8) put on a fulfilling show, and Kings Of Leon (9) went well above managing the echo with an amazing synergy of sound that was unleashed onto the full house.

The second day saw another hiccup as festival goers fought with the gate staff's lack of competencies, which prevented some from entering the festival area smoothly. Luckily, noteworthy Ella Eyre (10) was there to open the Warsaw stage, giving an energetic and genuinely loveable performance in her feline-esque apparel. The following acts of the evening kept the elevated tone and the good vibes. As elegant as always, Hurts (9) sounded phenomenal. The Wombats (8) and The Kooks (8) all managed to deliver what was expected of them, but still felt more like appetisers than the main course. The Prodigy (9) as usual, with no special surprises, had the crowd dancing furiously along – an on-stage riot. Unluckily for them, Florence and The Machine (10) were starting during the middle of their act, so the majority of the audience left without hesitation.

Florence seems to have crossed over to the other side of the mirror for the set list that, for the first time ever, was put together solely by her fans. The incredible feelings that Florence evoked in thousands were too much for a few individuals, as some even required medical assistance. Florence herself expressed her astonishment with the audience's involvement, as many garlands of flowers found their way to her.

The final day of the festival saw the premier level of performances, starting off with New Zealand’s I am Giant (9) and their frontman's volcano of energy. Those seeking stronger tones got it when Bring me the Horizon (8) took to the stage. The downers of the day were The 1975 (4), who appeared to be baffled by the sound issues plaguing the desolated arena. However, Jurassic 5 (8) went to extremes as the decibels caused the walls to shake all through the districts surrounding the stadium. The four MCs definitely sounded as one, accompanied by the wicked DJs. Kasabian (8) rocked the indoor stage, while Limp Bizkit (10) ripped the outdoor one to shreds, infecting the crowd with their energy. The nu-metal pioneers were even supported by one of their devoted fans, whom Fred Durst invited to the stage during the performance.

OutKast (9) managed to put on a great show, but the shamefully unmoved audience was unfortunately noticeable at the back. The festival wrapped up with David Guetta's (9) DJ set. Unlike his predecessors, he managed to embrace the sound inside of the stadium - giving peace back to the unrested city centre only at dawn.

- Malgorzata Jasi?ska

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