Tim Burgess at Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

'The sound is spectacular'

Photographer: Virtual FestivalsPhil Brady on 26 February 2021

As Tim, with his bleached blonde locks, greets his assembly with an effeminate "Hiya", he places his song book on it's stand, centre stage and the band (drums, bass, guitars and keys) join him for his new single 'The Doors Of Then'. Andy Warhol meets Micky Mouse, hands in pockets, leisurely loitering through his dreamy, melodic love songs and uplifting yet phlegmatic ballads from last years album , 'Oh No I Love You' including 'The Economy', 'Tobacco Fields' and 'Hours' followed by 'Years Ago' from his 2003 album 'I Believe'. Burgess reverts back to his latest recordings for 'Anytime Minutes' and 'Case For Vinyl' before he introduces The Cassia Quartet, (three violinists and a cellist) who seem more at home in this venue than the rest of the band who leave their instruments on stage and sit behind the drum kit while Tim sings 'White' accompanied by the string section and Mark Collins on acoustic guitar.

He tells his delighted audience "The Charlatans will be playing at Delamere Forest on the 7th of July and to celebrate, here's a Charlatans song" they play 'A Man Needs To Be Told' from the album 'Wonderland', followed by The Charlatans' third single 'Then'. The sound is spectacular and the strings really lift Tim's vocals to another level.

As the quartet leave the stage to great applause the rest of the band join Tim once more for the last songs of the set which include 'Only A Boy', 'The Graduate' and 'Oh My Corazon'.

After leaving the stage to another great applause they return for an encore. Playing 'A Gain', 'Maybe Arthur' leaving us with another rendition of 'White' which Tim tells us is "the only song to be played twice since 'The Only One I Know'".

This gig is such a treat as Gaz Wearing, a devoted fan, tells us, "The sound tonight was fantastic and Tim looked really at ease and on form, the string section adorned those Charlatans songs beautifully and I am really excited about seeing hem in the forest in July".


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