Wireless Festival (London) 2008 Reviews


O2 Wireless 2008: Day Two

Festival rule number one: if you enter a festival and Bon Jovi is being murdered onstage (no, not even in a good way) leave immediately...

O2 Wireless: Day Three

Spotted: two pirates. Is it another walkabout advert or that rare Wireless species - a festival-goer in fancy dress?

O2 Wireless 2008

After the controversy of Glastonbury, Jay-Z arrives in London to headline the most uncontroversial event in the music calendar.

O2 Wireless 2008: Day Four

Sundays: the day when everything slows down, the only time its acceptable to watch hours of Hollyoaks and your chance to cook a proper meal. Not when O2 Wireless rolls into town...

O2 Wireless 2008: Rated!

O2 Wireless, Hyde Park, London - 3-6 July.

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