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Our VIP Glastonbury winner returns
After finally managing to drag herself out of the Glastonbury quagmire our Q VIP Competition winner, Diana, had the chance to chat to us about her first Glastonbury experience, Firemen and all that mud… Full Story
Dream Summer Blog 2006 - Bloodstock
Ok, so we're a bit early. All trussed up in our various costumes (one Fairy, one Viking and one Count), we head into The Derby Assembly Rooms to be greeted by an army of security guards and a sea of black t-shirts queuing up... Full Story
Dream Summer Blog 2006 - Bestival
We travelled down to Southampton having only just managed to squeeze everything in the car, to my cousin's house. I just have to say a big thanks here to my lovely cousin for letting the four of us stay at her house overnight and for getting us Chinese! Full Story

Dream Summer Blog 2006 - Leeds Festival
Ok, so we all expect a bit of queuing for carparking at a festival right? What we do not expect; the carpark attendants to be possibly Polish, who don't know where anything is - namely, the guest entrance! Full Story
Our Dream Summer Winner's V Festival Blog
She beat thousands, back in May, to win our Dream Summer tour of five festivals of her choice. Her second outing - to V Festival Staffs - was, in her own words, 'one of the best weekends ever'. Find out why here! Full Story

Dream Summer Blog 2006 - V Festival
If you can believe it, we set off from almost sunny Leicester at 12.30 in the afternoon. We arrived at Cannock at 1.30. We arrived at V festival and parked at 8.30. That is all I have to say on the matter... Full Story
Dream Summer Blog 2006 - O2 Wireless Festival
My first festival as VF's Dream Summer winner just so happens to be the longest festival of the year - an entire five days! At least I'll get a chance to practise lots of writing at Wireless! Full Story

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