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Name: V Festival - Staffs 2007


Weston Park, UK


About V Festival - Staffs 2007

A huge corporate invasion on live music or one of the UK's most important major music festivals? You decide. Whatever your views, there's no arguing that V Festival consistently puts together one of the best contemporary lineups of the summer.

Now in its twelth year, the festival giant returns with four massive, multi-genred stages pumping out mainstream pop, rock and dance with a smattering of up and coming acts.

Two bills swap between two separate sites, on in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, Essex, and one in Weston Park, Staffordshire.

As well as seeing some of your favourite bands, there's a good chance you'll spot some champagne ligging celebrities amongst the throngs, with V Festival renowned for having the longest guestlist in festival history!

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