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The Glastonbury Delusion: the rumours and the realities

Forget Dawkins and his atheism theories because the Glastonbury gossip column makes for much better reading.

When Carl Barat was 'seen' hovering behind the Other Stage before Babyshambles' Glastonbury performance in 2007 the long-standing Libertines reunion rumour was refuelled. The Chinese Whispers began again and gossip-mongering fans phoned, text and smoke signalled their mates to make sure they were all together to share the monumental moment when the former band mates played a set, a song, or even a C Sharp Minor together. But instead of a return to 'The Good Old Days', a soaked swarm of supporters were treated (if that's the right word) to a lacklustre set from Doherty's latest outfit that included cameos from Kate Moss and Lethal Bizzle, but, as far as Glastonbury's folklore is concerned - no Barat.

And that's it done – the art of great gossip. It could be the sighting of a celebrity, the word from an industry insider or the latest news from The Sun's gossip column that kickstarts it all. Whatever it is, it can all turn a little white lie into the biggest collaboration the world has ever known in a few festival hear-says.

Ignoring these festival fables is a near impossibility, especially if you don't want to be the one that misses The Smiths reform on the Avalon Stage. So, with no further ado, here are the rumours that are circulating at the moment, just in case one actually does come true.

Radiohead are set to play at the festival

Despite a massive headline tour and a string of European festival dates, Thom Yorke and Co will still find the time to play the Saturday of this year's festival. But rather than trying to upstage Jigga Man the Oxford band will either play a stripped down set or acoustically in an undisclosed location (the BBC onsite studio probably). Playing unannounced and under a different guise is usually a favourite of Fatboy Slim but the five-piece could have a go at it this year, after all they should already be there if Johnny Greenwood is to be believed. He told Radio 1 earlier this year: "Thom [Yorke] was there last year and really enjoyed seeing bands like Madness playing in the casino, so maybe we’ll do that."

BBC Introducing…

After a successful debut the BBC Introducing... stage looks likely to feature at Glastonbury this time around and Steve Lamacq has already announced that MGMT, Florence and the Machine, The Pan I Am, Wild Light and I Was A Cub Scout will be packing their bags and hitting SXSW in 2008, so they could easily be featuring at Pilton too.

Chris Martin collaborations

Michael Eavis has already said that Coldplay won't perform this year, but with an album out in the coming months a little bit of publicity won't do Chris Martin any harm. With The Verve nabbing a top slot at the festival, Richard Ashcroft may get the Coldplay frontman to play piano on 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' as he did at Live 8 when he said the track was "probably the best song ever written." Martin also added vocals on Jay-Z's song 'Beach Chair' which could earn him a guest spot with the Saturday night headliner too.

Jay-Z grabbing a helping hand

"He’s going to have some really famous people with him as well," Michael Eavis told us when we quizzed about the New York rapper, but the question is who? The Roots are most likely to feature as they have a history of being his backing band and he's bound to throw some big names into the mix if he deems this slot to be as important as Glastonbury do. Expect the guests to be people who are likely to already be at the festival which could mean Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Jill Scott and the aforementioned Chris Martin.

Brit School Stage

With Lost Vagueness parting company with the festival, the ongoing musical evolution known as the Brit School could host an entire stage over the weekend. Amy Winehouse, The Kooks and Morcheeba could take a headline slot each and leave the likes of Kate Nash, Adele, The Feeling and Imogen Heap to fight for the other coveted slots.

These are only rumours floating around the office, so take them with a pinch of salt. Don't go and get overexcited and carve 'Chris and Jay-Z Glastonbury 2008' onto your chest, or sit in the old Lost Vagueness space with a pen and a Brit School prospectus looking for Katie Melua. Just wait in anticipation and then try not to get too down when you miss it all because you've fallen asleep at the Cider Bus.


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2 Days ago

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