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Ricky Wilson is moody, moody, moody, moo-dy?

Somebody needs to deflate Ricky Wilson's head before it bloats, floats and crashes like the Hindenburg. The Kaiser Chiefs' frontman has admitted that he's a "bit annoyed" that their number one single 'Ruby' isn't going to win them a Brit after the Best Single nominations were cut from ten to five.

Not taking the snub lying down Wilson has set the record straight: "Everyone knows Ruby is the best single," the modest singer told 6Music, "if you are gonna whittle them down to five, you'd think Ruby would be in there wouldn't you?"

Yeah you would, if by 'everybody' he meant himself, his mum and Peanut. Maybe he should take heed from another Ricky (Hatton) and fight his cause all the way. Only then will the musical universe be realigned, the Kaisers be reinstated into the competition and the band able to shift twelve more records.

Then with his chest pumped out like a superhero and his incredible inflating face (that now doubles up as the band's backdrop) Ricky could fight all the Brit injustices from the last thirty years.

Lily Allen could finally sleep easy knowing that 'Smile' was actually better than Take That's 'Patience' and the Crazy Frog would 'ning ning ning ning ning' all over Chris Martin's piano as Coldplay get stripped of Best Single 2006.

But in all honesty, what is Wilson thinking? He can't truly believe that 'Ruby' is the Best Single of 2008. If so annoyance must have replaced substance for the tastemakers leaving the track as a frontrunner.

At the end of the day it all boils down to who is voting for the winner – hit40uk station listeners who have 35p to spare to call a phone hotline. This means the winner is almost predetermined in the first place: if people haven't heard it, they ain't going to vote for it. Hence why The Hoosiers have lost my vote for their entry 'Worried About Ray'.

That's beside the point as everybody (including Ricky) must know the Best Single of the past twelve months is Kate Nash's 'Foundations'. The catchy piano pop anthem remained credible and palatable even after Nash ploughed through nearly every festival last summer. Meanwhile 'Ruby' morphed into an ugly football chant for Wayne Rooney as the Chiefs played Glastonbury and, erm, T4 on the Beach.

But the commercial radio's audiences have even failed to vote for 'Foundations' which means the 'best' song British bands have come up with in the last 12 months is between:

Leona Lewis – 'Bleeding Love'
The Hoosiers – 'Worried About Ray'
Mark Ronson – 'Valerie'
Mika – 'Grace Kelly'
Take That – 'Shine'

Another great year for British music it would seem.

The Kaisers' are really only unhappy because it looks as if they’re performing 'Ruby' at the ceremony, which is bound to sound great as the Klaxons' are reworking Rihanna's 'Umbrella'.


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Uploaded By: DanVF
7 Days ago


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