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More festival flooding and it's only Jan

Happy New Year readers! Oooh it's like writing the Beano. As 2008 is thrust upon us like summer's tidal surge in Margate, doom mongering with talk of credit crunches and environmental meltdown, we thought we'd spend the year ranting away at stuff too, here on this lovely infinite blank tapestry we're not going to call a blog. Instead it will be somewhere to discus things in festival-land, plus anything else that's tickling our tweeters or getting on our goat. And as The League Of Gentlemen’s Papa Lazarou once said: "We'd love you to join us!" It shouldn't be one way traffic, so if you've got something to say just vent away in the comment box below.

So what's going to happen in 2008 then? The new year always brings thoughts of summer, despite the fact that the first major festival is still more than five months away. But, of course that gives us more time to get stupidly excited about what's to come. Obviously the big question is who's going to be headlining Glastonbury. Michael Eavis said last year that he was looking at seven headliners and we reckon those seven could look something like this - Muse, The Verve, REM, Radiohead, Kylie, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West (with Led Zep a late minute addition) - but then didn't organisers also say something last year about trying to attract a younger audience?? Not with that lot...

Either way, Glastonbury should be one of the summer's highlights with hundreds of bands and performers providing something for everyone, and this year we're going to tempt fate by declaring that 'it isn't going to rain'. Yes, we've looked through the form book and never has it been a mud bath for more that three consecutive events. Considering it's hammered it down in 2004, 2005 and 2007, with no festival in 2006, we feel confident in promising a sunny, sludge-free Glastonbury. If not then we'll let you stay in our tent.

On that note, it's easy to look across to our Australian cousins at this time of year with green-eyed boiling wrath. As we struggle with killer stomach bugs, divorce and debt, the Aussies are sunning it up at festivals and beaches and getting fit to trounce us at every sport known to man for the umpteenth consecutive year. But spare a thought for the 700 festival goers who've been stranded in an Australian forest after torrential floods wiped out a bridge and left the site's access road "like porridge". Scores of techno fans at Freakreation Festival in New South Wales have been stranded for days, they have no mobile coverage and a helicopter has been drafted in to drop supplies to the beleaguered ravers in scenes slightly reminiscent of this year's Glade festival in Berkshire. But are they cold, worried, scared, hungry, demanding an government inquiry? Of course not. They're having the time of their lives, the soundsystem has been booming since Sunday and the party is refusing to stop.

According to an emergency spokesman: “They are staying calm and happy. The music is still going and they are still having a good time in the wet." Ringing any bells?


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