You won't enjoy Bestival if you're not there!
You've packed your essentials, but is your car ready to go? So that you can spend more time gigside than roadside, we bring you everything you need to get to the festival, like the AA route planner and podcasts on how to give your car a pre-trip check up. And, in case your car does break down, make sure you're covered. Join the AA online for just £33.60 a year with up to 25% discount online. Join now.

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A Road

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Travel Advice

  1. Fill with fuel before you go and again when around half-full rather than wait for the light
  2. Check that, oil, and coolant levels are up to the mark (refer to the handbook if in any doubt)
  3. Use AA Routeplanner and check AA Roadwatch for traffic delays or roadworks that could affect your journey
  4. Keep your keys safe, secure and dry. Key replacement on newer cars is costly and can take several days if reprogramming is necessary
  5. Don't drive for more than two and a half hours without a break
  6. Avoid heavy meals and alcohol before driving
  7. Remember that it's illegal to stop on the motorway hard shoulder, except in an emergency
  8. Remove all valuables and lock the car. (Satnavs are particularly attractive to thieves so take it with you and clean away any marks left on the windscreen by the mount)
  9. Check traffic before you go, you can get live traffic reports on your mobile from AA Roadwatch by calling 401100. Why not put the number in your phone before you go

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