24 Jul 2008 - 27 Jul 2008
A secret location in East Anglia, GB

Winner Best Small Festival (UK Festivals Awards 2008)

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Days: 4 | Capacity: 6500
Psst...can you keep a secret? I know a place hidden in the East Anglian countryside where an eclectic array of the best emerging artists can be spotted performing alongside some true bona fide legends, plus much more besides the music.

This unique four-day soirée is built on creative participation of all kinds, whether that means performing Shakespeare round the fire circles, staging a custard pie battle on the lake or building the sculpture of your dreams, all ticket monies are spread e... read more
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There were sniffer dogs there last year, well at least one. I saw it at the gates on the Saturday night.
from: my first time at secret garden party by fraserSC
alchohol is permitted though rite?
where many people smoking? is it policed heavily?

my first time
from: Review of the Secret Garden Party by noe55
Who Wants To Be A Gardenaire - Brighton.


Ridiculous fun and games... not to mention the 4...
from: Who Wants To Be A Gardenaire...the Brighton leg... by
From what I have heard on the grapevine, the "gardners" are going to top last year with some well-programmed craziness; and roll on July is all I c...
from: Secret Garden Party 2009 by Tomus

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