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01 Jul 2004 - 04 Jul 2004
Roskilde, Denmark

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Days: 4
Denmark's innovative and progressive international music festival is back for more this year with its own mix of established bands and new names. If you're looking for something a bit different then this could be the place for you.   
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Post Danmark Rundt 2004
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Roskilde '04Roskilde '04
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Cirkity Gravikus Roskilde 2004Cirkity Gravikus Roskilde 2004
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Swan Lee - Live at Roskilde (2004)Swan Lee - Live at Roskilde (2004)
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Roskilde Festival 2004 - regndansRoskilde Festival 2004 - regndans
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Slip Knot Roskilde 2004Slip Knot Roskilde 2004
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Protest underwear part 1
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protest underwear part 2
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Roskilde 2004
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i love you
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