Camden's neo-grunge heroes

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Alt J



Having already packed out the Festival Republic tent at Reading and Leeds 2011, these boys are no strangers to the big festivals, and don't bet on anything less than an upgrade for 2012.


From Camden they may be, but that doesn't mean they're pining for the days of Britpop. If anything, they're channelling the best of the early 90's alternative scene from both sides of the Atlantic, with signature song 'We Were Children' coming off like Suede covering the Pixies.


It's not just a rehash of what's been before though, while 'Whenever' sees them try 'Nevermind''s crunchy choruses on for size, and 'Sappho' has bit of early Manics to it, the more emotional likes of 'Nightdriving' show that this is a band with depth. They looked at home on the big stages last summer, which is just as well – once debut album 'Baby' comes out in the New Year, you might not see them anywhere else.