Sissy and the Blisters

Indie-goth stompers

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Been pining for a new band to love since The Horrors left 'Strange House' territory and The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster split up? The world will always need goth-tinged punk stompers and this impressively-drain-piped Guildford quartet are the latest to step forward.


There's not a bass player among them, but who needs one when you have a baritone like singer James Geard does? As he croons over organ, pounding drums and razor-sharp guitar, the likes of 'Let Her Go' and 'We Are The Others' are prime pogo-ing material.


With chant-like choruses to spare, crowds are theirs for the taking indoors and out. If The Strokes had met at a funeral in the 50's, they'd sound like this, and if that's not a recommendation, what is?



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Sissy and the Blisters - Mystics


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