Garage rock's new hope

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Alt J



Scratchy US rock 'n' rollers signed to Rough Trade? Yep, the Strokes comparisons were pretty quick in coming, and debut EP 'This One's Different' got a lot of people excited in the same way 'The Modern Age' EP did for Julian and Co. a decade ago.


Recent tour mates The Vaccines are another decent shout – both bands have a obvious love of 60's girl groups and Ramones punk-pop, but Howler also throw in the raw-throated, drunken wisdom of their native Minneapolis' favourite sons The Replacements and, with lines like "I hate myself more than I hate you," a bit of their self-deprecation too.


With debut album 'America Give Up' out in mid-January, they're definitely wasting no time in trying to start up the garage rock revival. By the time summer comes back around, the sweatiest festival tents will most likely be the ones with Howler playing in them.