Azealia Banks

Hip-hop's new queen?

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Watch out Nicki, someone's coming for your crown, and her mouth's even filthier than yours. NYC's Azealia Banks broke the YouTube 'replay' button once the irresistible '212' was uploaded, and though she's been around for a year or two, collaborating with Major Lazer along the way, all eyes are most definitely on her solo stuff.


As confident a singer as she is a rapper, her forthcoming debut album will no doubt throw up a few curveballs for those who just know her for '212', as those who've checked out her cover of Interpol's 'Slow Hands' will attest, but it'll be founded on minimal beats, whip-smart flow, and, most likely, a pretty big "Parental Advisory" sticker.


Back over to tour the UK in February, what price a few all-conquering festival appearances later in the year too? If there are any words you haven't become desensitised to yet, she'll see to it that you are soon enough.