Your chance to create Apple Tarts Festival 2012

Crowds at WOMAD 2008 by Lisa Rocket
Crowds at WOMAD 2008 by Lisa Rocket

Apple Tarts Festival in Kent have asked attendees for their creative thoughts so the festival can become the first self-programmed festival in the country.

Those attending will be able to dictate everything from the bands performing to the crisps at the bar.

Apple Tarts takes place at Brogdale Farm, Faversham, Kent from Sunday 3 – Monday 4 June, and has a maximum capacity of 500 people.

So far Swampmeat, Some DJ, Cold Rice DJs and Late Night Gimp Fight (comedy) have been confirmed for the Apple Tarts Festival line-up.

The organisers said of the event: “Apple Tarts was conceived as an event where the people were at the centre of everything, and now we are giving those people the power to decide what happens at their festival. We’re excited, but also a little bit scared.”

Apple Tarts early bird tickets are available now priced at £28 until 27th Feb when they increase to £38.50.

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