Yeasayer at Reading: ‘We’ll play anywhere!’

Yeasayer revealed that they will 'play anywhere' during their set at Reading Festival.

The Brooklyn group relied on their album 'Odd Blood' in the NME/Radio 1 tent but it looked as if singer Chris Keating ran out of steam before the end.

"See you at your barmizath," said Keating after 'Mindegreen', "see you at your 16th birthday – we'll play anywhere!"

But by the end of their set it was if the singer wanted to play anywhere else but here, seemingly running out of steam and giving up.

'2080' didn't get the reaction the group wanted with Keating saying, "Some of you didn't know that one. If you're here you better fucking dance," before the band played 'O.N.E.'

Ironically by finishing with 'Ambling Out', the US five-piece did just that but the fans seemed to enjoy the set anyway.

Reading Festival 2010 continues with sets from Guns n' Roses, Queens Of The Stone Age and more.