Worst festival toilets revealed…

Yes, they all stink. Yes, they are consistently responsible for the most horrified facial contortions known to man. But which festival's toilets got the worst rating in 2005... from the people that used them?

Festival-goers have known it for years, but now it’s official: Reading Festival has the worst toilets on the major UK festival circuit, as rated by the people who used them. This reeking revelation was determined by an online survey conducted by Virtual Festivals, which asked festival-goers to rate elements of every major festival they had been to this year out of 5. Reading was narrowly beaten by its sister event Leeds Festival, which is held on the same weekend. More than 5000 people took part.

Reading scored a measly 2.27 out of 5, while the Leeds bogs were rated slightly better at 2.41. Glastonbury and V Festival were deemed to have the best toilets of the lot.

Mean Fiddler, which organises the Reading and Leeds Festivals, has now promised to clean up its act for next year, but insists improvements have already been made.

A spokesperson told VF: “It is one of the great truisms in this country that the Reading Festival toilets are the worst but in truth it as acccurate as the other great truism of the Queen not actually having to use the loo on account of her being royal and all that.
“We have nearly 2,000 toilets on site at Reading and they are cleaned three times a day, plus we have a team of cleaners working at the toilet sites for hours and hours a day, checking toilet roll stocks and monitoring cleanliness. This year we went the extra mile with the toilet facilities and brought in even more flushable toilets to the festival site.

“Next year we hope to improve our position in the Virtual Festivals poll and we’re sure even TV’s Aggie and Kim will be pleased with our efforts, but no matter how much we improve them, as we did this year, we will still have the worst toilets next year. At least the Queen will not have to use them though!”

And if that wasn’t enough toilet talk, here are some more stomach turning facts about Reading bogs… 
– More than 168,750 gallons of human waste were taken off the festival site.
– Festival goers went though around 875 miles of toilet paper. 
– 25,000 ‘urinelles’ (female urinal tube) were given out free of charge.
– The flushable toilets were closed down for several hours after one festival goer banged a tent peg through one of the main plumbing pipes.