Wild Beasts make The Big Chill 2011 woozy

Wild Beasts at Reading Festival 2010 by Rob Ball
Wild Beasts at Reading Festival 2010 by Rob Ball

Rock stars are renowned for turning up late, but ever bucking the trend, Wild Beasts arrived early at The Big Chill 2011.

In a set that pushed the clouded sun beneath the Malvern Hills, the Kendal band shunned much of their debut preferring to air ‘Two Dancers‘ and ‘Smother‘ material.

With spliff in the air and dry ice  on the stage, the group opened with ‘Bed Of Nails‘ before running through ‘This Is Our Lot‘ and ‘Albatross’.

Hi Big Chill, how are you guys? We’re Wild Beasts,” asked singer Hayden Thrope raising a glass of red wine.

With many Chillers still lying down enjoying the last of the afternoon warmth, the band who are arguably the best guitar outfit in Britain today, had to again work hard to earn an audience.

They aired ‘Albatross‘, ‘The Devil’s Crayon‘ and ‘Loop The Loop‘, before creeping around stage during ‘We’ve The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues‘.

We’re Big Chill virgins, it’s good to be here,” said Thorpe, adding, “this is dedicated to our friend Mr West,” as they ran in to ‘Reach A Bit Further’.

Mr West of Kanye West fame,” he added afterwards, “who we’re not friends with, but we wish we were. Do we wish we were?

Despite a buzz of feedback marring the sound throughout, the set was triumphant as they stretched out ‘End Come Too Soon’, much to the delight of new-found fans.

Wild Beasts played:

Bed Of Nails
This Is Our Lot
The Devil’s Crayon
Loop The Loop
We’ve Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues
Reach A Bit Further
All The King’s Men
Hooting & Howling
End Come Too Soon

Click here for the setlist as a Spotify playlist.

The Chemical Brothers headline the Friday night of The Big Chill 2011 while Kayne West and Rodrigo y Gabriela headline the other two nights of the festival.

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