White Lies warm up for Pendulum at T In The Park

Opening with 'Fairwell to the Fairground', White Lies seem a passing attraction to the sparse but waiting T crowd.

‘There’s No Place Like Home’ would have been the ideal call if indeed the rain had been falling. But since the sun was radiating across the Radio 1/NME stage, T quickly realised they would rather be nowhere else than Balado.

“It’s good to be back in Scotland,” screamed Harry McVeigh before bursting into ‘To Lose My Life’ – urging T to “grow old together”.

But ‘Death’ gets the biggest cheer of the night with McVeigh claiming it was “just for T”.

Fan Claire Gilchrist, who had been waiting since mid afternoon for the White Lies‘ set, said: “It was everything I ever expected from them. The sun shining and the dry weather made their set.”

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