Wembley Stadium lineup takes shape

After years of delays and speculation it looks as if we now know who'll be opening the new Wembley Stadium - and a high-profile reunion is being rumoured as part of it...

While history has shown that nothing's for certain when it comes to the completion of the cursed stadium, it looks as if George Michael will be the first act to pack it with music fans.

The snoozy stoner has been scheduled to christen the home of English football on Saturday, 9 May, with rumours rife of a possible Wham! reunion.

Muse will be the second act to take to the stage if all goes to plan, playing two dates on 16-17 June.

The venue is then due to host the Concert for Diana, headlined by Elton John on Saturday, 1 July. At the other end of the spectrum, Metallica will be shaking the stadium to it foundations a week later on Sunday, 8 July.  

Wembley could also hold the London leg of the Live Earth gigs on Saturday, 7 July. The other contender is Hyde Park.

Wembley Stadium was due to reopen in August 2005 at a cost of £757m and hold-ups since led to a number of  events being cancelled or rescheduled. Bon Jovi were booked to open the stadium last year, but were forced to move to Milton Keynes Bowl, along with the Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams and Take That.

Wembley Stadium is expected to officially open with the FA Cup final on 19 May.

The summer line-up of music so far reads:

George Michael – Saturday 9 June
Muse – Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 June
Concert for Diana – Sunday 1 July
Metallica – Sunday 8 July