Welcome to your new Virtual Festivals

Virtual Festivals has always existed to rock your world, and we have just overhauled the site to rock a lot harder. But this is just the beginning...

This is the first of a series of giant leaps forward for Virtual Festivals in our ongoing crusade to make your 'fest life' better. For starters, we've teamed up with Faceparty – the UK's best social networking site for people who like to go out and have fun – to create the biggest and buzziest online festival community on Earth. We've built their technology into our new site to give you loads of great new interactive features at your fingertips:

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– Spice up our news stories, features, reviews and interviews by adding your opinions!

We've also been working to make all of the existing parts of our site better, like our news and features, event listings, photo galleries and artist pages – making them much more user-friendly and interactive.

But this is just the beginning – over the next few weeks we will be adding some seriously cool new interactive features – and the main course is yet to come.

Our ultimate aim in all this is to not only improve your life as a festival-goer but also to make the overall festival scene a better place, by giving fans more power to shape it.

Your feedback at this stage is – as always – much appreciated. This is a project of enormous complexity and scale, so there's bound to be a glitch or two while we get things up to speed.

Please let us know what you think and don't hesitate to suggest any ways we can make Virtual Festivals better for you. This site is run by festival-goers for festival-goers. It is YOUR website. Let's use it together to make real festivals even more enjoyable for everyone.