Weezer – simply brilliant at Reading Festival

The title says it all, Weezer set the template for how bands should play at Reading Festival.

Kicking off with 'Hash Pipe', 'Troublemaker' and 'Sweater Song', Weezer showed an enthusiastic crowd they meant business and boy did they deliver.

With Josh Freese on drums (seriously, can it get better?) and Rivers Cuomo handing over occasionally handing over guitar duties to drummer Pat Wilson, the frontman could bounce to the crowd (quite literally – he had a trampoline) and interact with them in a way no other artist has done this weekend.

Rivers had perfected the rock geek style which simply means we take to him even more.

Even the new track ‘Memories’ went down a treat and didn't sound out of place in-between classics.

When Pat and Josh teased us with the intro of ‘Hot For Teacher’ by Van Halen, the only way the night could have possibly got any better would have been if Paramore and Blink 182 got stuck in traffic, allowing Weezer to play on beyond any curfew Guns 'n' Roses were allowed.

Without doubt, the best act of the weekend.