Weezer bring the sun and party to Sonisphere 2011

Weezer at Oxegen 2011 by Laura Callan
Weezer at Oxegen 2011 by Laura Callan

Weezer brought the party atmosphere to Sonisphere 2011, creating field-wide sing-a-longs for 'Beverly Hills', 'Buddy Holly' and 'Hash Pipe'.

The group even covered Wheatus’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ during a momentous Saturday evening set on the Apollo Stage.

After the intensity of the Big Four the previous evening, and a day of rain so devilish at one point it could have only been beckoned by Beelzebub himself, Sonisphere needed a bit of cheering up.

And Weezer delivered it, the sun coming out and blazing by the time they’d finished ‘Sweater Song’.

A karaoke cover of Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’ almost killed the mood and  Rivers Cuomo asking for the skies to rain open did not go down well with a sodden crowd.

But It only took the first few “ooh-oohs” of ‘Buddy Holly’ to forget the misfortunate cover, all of Weezer finishing the song on Patrick Wilson’s drumkit.

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