We Are Scientists charm Reading

Californian outfit We Are Scientists, joked their way through the penultimate set of Reading 2010's NME stage.

"Hello gentleman, ladies, ladies, the ladies and their gentlemen suitors," said Keith Murray in full flirt mode. The band's opener 'Nice Guy' was warmly received.

The japery continued between songs throughout the set as Murray tried in vain to auction off the Foals set-list.

"Did anyone enjoy the Foals?"
asked Murray, "you did? I've got their set-list here…fifty quid." There were no takers but instead the crowd were treated to the first mosh of the set for 'Nobody Move'.

'Rules Don't Stop' meanders and slows the crowd down but a run of 'This Scene Is Dead' followed by 'Inaction' from 'With Love And Squalor' meant the crowd soon found their singing voices again.

The set draws a healthy crowd throughout and We Are Scientists certainly played to their strengths tonight by focusing on older material like 'It's A Hit' and 'Great Escape' which proved firm sing-a-long favourites.