W.A.S.P. close Friday night at Bloodstock

Mincing on to a slightly cold crowd, beer bellies resplendent, it seems as if W.A.S.P. just weren't glam enough to wow Bloodstock tonight.

Cheesing through songs such as ‘You Gotta Be Crazy (To Love Me)’ and ‘Wild Child’, their opening makes the average punter just want to check out the fancy dress competition next door- a Cthulhu snatching the 2012 VIP ticket prize.
Despite the starting antipathy, the lowing melody ‘Love Set Me Free’ gets the hands waving and the couples groping, the sparkling Blackie Lawless resembling a rather chunky and over-the-hill Noel Fielding.
‘Vince Noir’ proceeds to drag a willing punter up onstage for ‘I Wanna Be Somebody’ before teasing us in their encore with the opening to ‘Kill, Fuck, Die’ and yet prancing into ‘Chainsaw Charlie’ instead- a change the crowd surprisingly take in their stride.
The aforementioned punter, Mike from Warrington, sneaks backstage after W.A.S.P.’s turn-around set, commenting that “it was the best f**king experience of the festival- W.A.S.P rock!”

Bloodstock Open Air continues tomorrow with performances from Immortal, Rhapsody Of Fire and Therion.