Volunteer Work – Do-It Now!

Got your heart set on a particular career but lacking the all-important experience to get you through the door? Volunteer work could provide the magic sparkle that your CV requires!

When you think you’ve got more chance of finding a well-oiled and naked supermodel handcuffed to your bed than you have of landing that great job that EVERYONE wants, this is where volunteering can come in handy.

It’s not just about giving you that warm fuzzy feeling inside; the experience you gain can prove invaluable on your CV and in interviews. Even if it’s not directly relevant to the job you want, it shows employees that you’ve got drive and initiative. Some major employers specifically look for those with volunteer experience on their CV.

However, if you like the idea of a career in the voluntary or public sectors then volunteering is virtually a pre-requisite for many roles. You might even get a paid job within the organisation you volunteer for.

The great thing about volunteering is the huge variety of opportunities out there. Maybe you fancy stepping into Chris Moyles or Jo Whiley‘s shoes? Get a foot on the ladder with hospital radio. If you’re seduced by the glamorous world of PR and marketing, bear in mind that charities often require volunteers to help raise awareness of the great work they do. Perhaps you want to show that gorgeous eco-warrior type in your tutorial group your sensitive side by getting involved with an environmental organisation. Some positions even offer the chance to travel to exotic climes – what better excuse to go travelling? On top of all this, it can be a lot of fun.

Now there’s a great user-friendly resource available online for anyone who wants to get involved in volunteering. Do-It.org provides loads of useful info, including listings of all the positions currently on offer in your area! Click here to visit the site and take the first step towards your dream job.