Village People – Bestival 2011 review

Village People at Bestival 2011 - review. We want your reviews too!


It’s a bit of a busman’s holiday for the Village People at Bestival 2011. For the first time in their career, there are probably more people in fancy dress in front of the stage than on it.

But these are the types of shows that work well here: tongue-in-cheek familiarity, with a heavy dose of camp-ness. All the hits are cued to a backing track as the infamous police officer, Native American, G.I., construction worker, cowboy and biker fly through their trademark choreography on ‘Macho Man’ and ‘Go West’.

There’s time too for a cover of Sylvester’s ‘Mighty Real’ before they end with a triumphant ‘Y.M.C.A’ and the crowd all fling their arms along in unison. It turns out the Village People aren’t just for weddings and school discos, they’re more than welcome at Bestival too.

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