VF’s 10th to be held at Secret Garden Party

A whole decade has gone by since VF set up shop back in '99 and to celebrate, we are taking over the Tower of Babel at the Secret Garden Party on Thursday.

Time flies in the festival world so, before another season has passed us by and we can no longer call it a 'birthday year', come and join us for a jive with our very own Prince Partridge on the ones and twos.

VF's 10th Birthday Party is set to kick the evening shenanigans off in style from 7pm till 9pm tomorrow, slap bang in the middle of the festival's lake.

To join the exclusive festivities and help us blow out the candles all you need to do is mozy on down to the tower. There are limited spaces however so make sure you get there in good time.

We look forward to seeing you there for a twist and a brew!